The candlelight that helps me illuminate my truth

I was a very niave 17 when I graduated high school.  Those days, I did not know whose words and wisdom would stay with me to shape my life.  At that time I worked in my high school administration building and became friends with the nighttime janitors, Nick and Peggy.  They were older and were very kind to me. 

Upon graduating they gave me a framed poem What is Success by Amanda Bradley.  That poem has always been in a place where I can read it daily.  I wish that I could tell them they made a difference. That over 20 years later they are still thought of and their gift helped shape a woman. It is the candlelight that helps me illuminate my truth.

Before children, I used to think it was the big things that made a difference.  When I became a mama I thought teaching manners and hygenie, imparting wisdom, and educating would be the focus.  While those things are important, my daughter has taught me that it is the little gestures, thoughtfulness, and love that make everything important.  I see it reflected in her actions of love, compassion, and thoughtfulness.  She gives me wisdom by showing me what is most important.

We never know when or how we make a difference. If we live from the heart we simply do.  I am one of those people who never thinks I make a difference, I try not to be a burden to anyone, but will give to anyone.  The last few days I have had friends sharing my gofundme link.  What I value morw than any penny is every word they have said.  I am so honored to have done something to deserve this love. I don’t know what I have done but I have done something and for that I am grateful. 

I am so filled with love and gratitude on this morning.

What Is Success?

Success is believing in all you can be,
in all that you dream and you dare, taking time to help others find their dreams as well,
being ready to give and to share…

Success is enjoying the pathways you’ve chosen and feeling so glad to be you,
helping others to feel self fulfillment and joy and real pride in whatever they do…

Success is discovering new ways to reach higher and reach out to those all around…

Only for caring and helping and giving can life’s true success be found.

~Amanda Bradley


What is success

In love,