Upon Waking What is Your Heart’s Desire?

Good Morning My Lovelies,

When you first awake, before the to do list claims your mind, what is it you crave?  At 3 a.m. or p.m., whenever is the middle of your night, and you lay staring at your ceiling what is your soul crying out for?

I wake with the desire to write, to create, to light candles that reflect off mirrors and illuminate crystals, to smell lovely acents, wrap myself in soft blankets and silk shawls, to write from the depths of my soul. The candlelight illuminating the dusty parts of my mind and spirit. The scent of the moment uplifting my spirit.

For too many years I allowed all my responsibilities, obligations, and fear to keep my from following my bliss.  Too many voices were in my mind each time I picked up a pen to write. Voices telling me that this was a cute hobby but not a life or spending time on this was taking away from what was important.

When did spending time on what truly fed our soul become unimportant?  Many generations have had to focus on survival. Yet, there was a time when a persons downtime was used to pursue pleasure.

What would happen if you turned off the tv and spent that time feeding your soul?  Give yourself 15 minutes a day. Too intimitating, then give yourself 5 minutes.  Don’t have the time? What would you really miss by disconnecting from email, social media, tv, or mindless web surfing for 15 minutes a day?

Instead of filling your mind and song with other peoples voices disconnect for 15 minutes a day and fill yourself with your own song.


Love yourself and know that you are loved,