Our Love Affair with Scents

There is a powerful magic to scent.  It can transport us to memories of another time, place, or person; stimulate or relax our emotions; promote wellness; and connect our body, mind, and spirit.

Favorite Scents

Smudge.  Smudging is a tribal practice of binding dried herbs together and burning them for the properties associated with the plant.  It is a way of clearing and cleansing the energy of a space … white sage is great for this.  Another favorite is sage, cedar, and lavender.

Essential Oils.  I have desperately been trying to remember when I first discovered essential oils.  It either would have been at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire or my first trip to a metaphysical shop.  I cannot remember which came first.  What I do know is that I have been incorporating essential oils into my life for so long that I cannot picture my life without them.  I have used them for everything from perfume to medicinal to spiritual.

What is your favorite use for scent, especially Essential Oils?

Everyday Oils