Who hit me in the face with a cast iron frying pan?

Hello my lovelies!

I have taken a few days off from blogging to relax and get some perspective.  It is amazing the perspective that 72 hours can bring.


I am a nurturer. I love taking care of those that I love.  I love the warmth of a hearth, smiles over a steaming cup of coffee, and the conversation and kinship shared over a plate of colorful, flavorful food.  This discovery began with my journey into wellness over twenty years ago. 

Over the years, the journey of body, mind, and spirit has become more and more important to me.  In my heart, I have always known the key was simplification.  Even though my life was contrary to that concept. A career in finance that equated a persons worth with their portfolio, social status, and material items warred with my spirit’s need to walk barefoot on the beach, dance in the moonlight, and warm myself in a loving hearth.

After warring with myself for so long, I simply stopped.  I was brutally honest with myself and those in my life.  The last few years have been about healing and releasing.  This kept bringing me back to my body, mind, and spirit connection as well as my love of color, food, herbs, and essential oils.

I have looked at the paleo lifestyle for many years.  At the beginning of this year I took the plunge and began whole30.  This has changed my life more than I ever would have imagined.


What began as a journey into physical health through diet and nutrition turned into an entire body, mind, and spirit connection.  As I have gone through the detox process, I have become more aware of my body and the effects of what I have been putting into my body on the total package … body, mind, and spirit.

My body feels cleaner, my inflammation is down, pain down, Mobility better, mental alertness is increased, moods better (though they were volitile at the beginning of the detox), blood pressure is stable without meds, and weight loss is happening. 

The result is that without fighting my body I once again feel that my body is my temple. I once again feel that connection between body, mind, and spirit. I have energy to exercise (now to consistently do it) and the desire to tend my spirit. Creativity is being unlocked and I am finding my muse.


So, why do I feel like I was hit in the face with a cast iron frying pan?  I am an idiot, lol. 

Friday evening I was stressed out and did not feel like cooking. So, we ordered pizza (formerly a favoeite food) and wings.   After it arrived, we opened the box and it just did not look appealing. The wings looked fabulous.  After my third bite of pizza I had a feeling that it was a mistake.  Being dumb and hungry, I continued to eat it.  The result was that I felt like crap that night and was sore the next day.

So, the next morning I was craving veggies and water. In the Sautee pan with olive oil, onion, peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, salt, pepper, and basil. Once plated this was paired with bacon, cashews, and pear.


Later that day, Princess Superhero, Bear Cub, and I went on a date.  The restaurant was max and erma’s where I had a laredo steak, asparagus, and treated myself to fries, oh and a beer.  When the plate arrrived what looked most appealing was the asparagus … and it was tasty.  I remember the steak with its cactus butter being tastier, after whole30 it tasted oily and bland.  The beer did taste lovely but about halfway through I had drunk enough of it to feel full so I switched to water.

After dinner, the kids gave me plenty of exercise as we ran around a play area in the mall.  It was fun but stressful. The play area was packed and any moment I lost sight of a child in the crowd of children was nerve wracking.  I stayed as long as my nerves could handle it and then went to toys r us to use their gift card.  They had as much fun as I did.

It suddenly got quiet as I was typing.  Lol, I look to see why the bear cub is so quiet and he is sitting on the floor undressing. Roflma … he just picked up his clothes and walked them to the hamper.  Well, at least he cleaned up after himself. Now let us hope he keeps his diaper on.

Princess superhero wanted me to post a picture of her latest creation, and yes legos are everywhere. She got two boxes for christmas and he got one, plus they already had a lot.


I am not good at treating myself.  Freyrson and Isaura are great for me because they push me to do stuff for myself and yell at me when I feel guilty for doing it. With their help I am learning that it is perfectly healthy to take care of my own needs.   This resulted in a girls day for Isaura and I.

Sunday, Isaura and I went to the salon; Freyrson stayed home with the kids.   It was amazing. I haven’t had a haircut in three years, so I had to sacrifice more length than I wanted to but it will grow back.  The deep conditioning treatment has my hair smelling so good that I do not want to wash it, but I will because the hairspray is driving me nuts.

After, we went to bob evans where I got a sweet potato and the farmhouse grilled chicken minus the bun.  The sweet potato awesome, the butter like substance they gave me to put on it gross and very oily tasting.  The grilled chicken, mushrooms, and spinach were awesome. I am not so sure about the cheese. It tasted kind of platic like and it was very oily.

I am mostly down a clothing size ( I say mostly due to the pain in the ass sizing of womens clothing), so off we went to get some tops.  I am not a shopper and I do not like spending money, so I browsed as long as I could.  The end result was three tops and a skirt.


After that, we came home and Freyrson patiently looked at our finds.  Then I cooked dinner … shrimp scampi. The recipe was from paleo cupboard.  Now, I didn’t have arrowroot flour so I used almond flour. This recipe was amazing!  On the side I made sweet potato, cauliflower, and chopped bacon in the sautee pan.

Okay, time to get baths and out of pj’s.  After that, playtime, working on the letter A, and to work on my Young Living community.


Have a fantastic day!