Daily kitchen delights

Nothing is more fun than the sound of my children playing as we cook in the kitchen. To that end the one year old bear cub is into every little thing!

First is breakfast sausage because it is great to have on hand. When that burner is free, I will make more hard boiled eggs.


Next, I split a package of chicken thighs.  The first pan has bacon, olive oil, chicken thighs seasoned with sea salt, pepper and paprika. I have been craving fried chicken so this should do nicely.


The next pan of chicken thighs has been browned in olive oil and a jar of cacciatore sauce added. It has 5g of sugar, so it is a huge treat that is definately not whole30.  Yes, I could make my own but this was on sale. For me paleo is a balance between budget and fresh.


I also have cod thawing.  I will sautee that in olive oil with salt, pepper, old bay seasoning, and lemon. 


Finally, I will make mashed potatos with italian seasonings and steam veggies … broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower, then do a quick sautee in ghee and thyme.


I definitely find that taking an hour to an hour and a half in the morning to cook for the entire day worth while.  This takes care of my families needs for the day, as well as their lunches for the next day.

Now to put all the tupperware back in the cabinets! Thanks bear cub!



2 thoughts on “Daily kitchen delights

  1. James Wyatt (Napoli - L8) says:

    I cook the sausage in the oven. It helps reduce the splatter on the stove top, but it also cooks quickly without too much attention. 400 degrees until it smells really good. Pull it out once at about 5 minutes to turn. I was surprised how much caramelization I got the first time.

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