Temper Temper

Yesterday, I had a conversation that truly pissed me off.  Unfortunately, it is involves an ongoing business arrangement.  I cannot wait until this arrangement is over.

I was angry most of the night and woke up very early still angry.  The morning has veem spent writing, reading, and playing while trying to get my anger under control.  Especially since I have to see this person shortly.

How does this fit into sacred living? Dealing with people and situations are part of life.  I am human. I have emotions. I am fucking pissed. I am working on getting through this anger.

This also fits in with me redefining my personal boundaries.  In the past I would have allowed a business arrangement to dictate my behavior. My balance, or attempt at balance, is to honor the business agreement while standing up for my rights and not allowing the other party to speak to me in a way that I feel is disrespectful.

Breathing. Writing. Breathing. Trying.


Learning and growing,