Living frugal with help from amazon

We are a family of six.  Since we have yet to win the megamillions, I am always looking for the best way to stretch our money without sacrificing quality – especially in our diets.  I believe that once you sacrifice quality in your diet you are sending out an invitation for disease to join you as you age.

I have shopped amazon for years with much success.  While I was aware of most of these money saving ideas there are a few rhings I did not know.  I do love amazon mom and just discovered prime pantry.  Amazon mom has had the best prices on diapers!  Eating paleo does limit prime pantry for me however, I want to check it out for spices, flours, cleaning supplies, and household items (TP amd cat litter).

What are your tips for living frugal but not sacrificing quality?




One thought on “Living frugal with help from amazon

  1. Angela Vitale says:

    Sometimes you still have to return the items. We ordered Bug two add on owl plates. One arrived perfect, the other had a broken tuft. The chip wasn’t in the box, so it was likely broken prior to shipping. We still had to mail the plate back, but they had UPS come to my house to pick up the box from me. I put the item back in the box with the return sheet that I printed out when I went through the automated process and taped the box closed. Not bad for a return.

    Another one that I did not see on there is that if you (or little bitty fingers) push buttons that you didn’t mean to and buy things – apps, games, movies – you can get a refund for them even if you already watched it. For instance, I found out my parental password had somehow been disabled and a certain little adorable child I was watching had purchased something. I didn’t want it, had no idea what had happened and called Amazon customer service. I not only got a discount, they showed me how to reinstate my parental password and showed me another option to make it even more secure to prevent a next time (I now have a password to purchase anything on Amazon video, no big deal, but VERY helpful when kids decide that they absolutely NEED that whole season of Bubble Guppies). I got less help from Apple when that happened with a $1 app on their app store!

    Now obviously, you can’t do that too often, but there is usually a leeway of a few incidents. Though they will tell you exactly how to protect your device to prevent it from repeat occurrences.

    Also keep an eye out for free Kindle books. Sometimes they are really good books! I follow my favorite authors on Facebook and they will usually post about their books or another author’s books that are free. I’ve found some really enjoyable books that way and for free 🙂

    Subscribe and Save is a great option that we use for many things. However, be sure to check your prices carefully. Things like toilet paper can actually be substantially cheaper at the store if you buy on sale in the larger packages, even more so if you have a coupon. If you are picky about your TP, then some brands are normally cheaper at the store even without a sale or close enough that it doesn’t really save you much.

    Of course, if you really want to save money, you can go cloth diapers, cloth wipes, cloth or other reusable mama products (I swear by these products), and even use cloth for your bathroom trips. It’s a little more laundry, but laundry actually costs less than buying those products including energy, water, soap (if you buy it instead of making your own or use a laundry ball), and waste water charges. Now that may be a little TOO frugal for you, which I completely understand. We switch back to it when we need to. I consider it a luxury not to need to do that, except for mama cloth, that’s not a luxury that’s just awesome. If you were interested, I still have a stash of cloth diapers and loads of cloth wipes. I’m not giving up my mama cloth though 🙂

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