Adventures in Culinary delights without a stove

Hello my lovelies,

If you read yesterday’s adventures in culinary delights you observed a working stove and oven.  Apparently, it was more than mere inspiration that made me want to cook the day’s food in the morning.  As I was cooking the potato and sweet potato sautee, the burner popped and sparks flew everywhere. Now the entire unit is dead. So today’s adventures are with leftovers, a microwave, and a crock pot.

I start by taking the leftover potato sautee, half an avacado, half a roma tomato, and a hard boiled egg mix together and viola …


Bear cub and princess superhero are having fruit loops, banana, and either cow or almond milk.  Obviously, our kids are not strict paleo. They are mostly, but not completely.  I have a few reasons for doing this.  It is my sincerest hope that by raising them with a balanced diet where they occassionally have “normal” kid treats that they will not have the struggles with food that I have had. I do not want to forbid them from foods. I want to raise them with the understanding between good foods and not so good foods; as well as, what those choices will do to their overall health and wellbeing.

Let’s face it, two of our children are very small (3 & 1).  At this point in their lives I have a lot of control but it will not always be so.  As such, I hope that by raising them with knowlege and example they will make good choices for themselves as they go to school and hang out with friends. Now, I could restrict their diets and never give them fruit loops, chips, or ice cream. 

How am I teaching them anything?  The second they are in school or visiting friends they will be confronted with these foods.  Without being exposed to these foods prior to this it is most likely they will binge.  Imagine never having your favorite treat as a kid, then being exposed to it and its wonderful flavor and texture as an adult. But now you have only known avoidance not balance. What would that do to your diet and lifeatyle? So, I hope to teach them wisdom, develop their palet with fresh, colorful, and nourishing foods.  For the rest, it is luck.  I only wish to guide their beautiful spirits NOT control them.

So dinner … I found a pork roast recipe on not so desperate housewife that calls for ginger, pineapple, and a crockpot. Yay!


I got my hands on some pineapple juice. Holy crap!  Talk about a sugar rush. I should have diluted mine as I did the kids. Please make this sugar headache go away!  Thank you lavender oil on my wrists, temples, and neck plus lemon oil in my water.  I love Young Living’s essential oils.

In the meantime my stove has been fixed. Bacon, mushroom, hald a potato and tomatoes are doing their thing in the sautee pan.  When the bacon is cooked thru I will drain.  While that is draining I will fry up some eggs.


And the final product …


Season with salt, pepper, and dill.

That’s all for now