Finding the sacred in everyday

Each moment, we have a choice on how to react to the way life unfolds around us.  Today and each day hereafter, I commit to sacred living.  No longer do I allow sacred living to only be small parts of my life, sacred living will be my life.

This moment is a perfect example.  Bear cub woke hours ago. Since he was babbling I let him stay in his crib, hoping he would fall back to sleep.  When he finally started to cry I went in to discover his diaper had overflowed and he was miserable from that. Now, I could beat myself up for not going in sooner or I can accept that it happened and is now resolved.

The resolution has me laying on the sofa with a dozing bear cub on me.  I can choose to appreciate the sacred in this love and trust. I can also choose to focus on the fact that inspiration and creativity are flowing through me at the moment.  I choose to embrace all of that over the following:  it is early, I have drool soaking my shirt and boobs, typing on my phone at this angle is making my shoulder injury scream in pain.

I thank the goddess for her inspiration.  I am grateful to the mentors in my life. I am grateful for my ability to appreciate the art of sacred living.

What are you grateful for?