Self Care

One of the things that I am really bad at is self care.  I have a bad habit of putting myself last and that causes major burnout.  Over the Summer I had started to make progress on this.  Then fall came around and Freyrson’s truck had to be totaled.  Of course the moment we decide to forgo a new vehicle payment and share the SUV we run into a major snag.

The control module to the driver’s seat decided to die.  Which wouldn’t have been a huge problem if there wasn’t a large height difference between us.  So, the seat was stuck in my position and he couldn’t get behind the wheel.  Hence began our stressful schedule of me getting up in the middle of the night to drive him to work while we look for a part that turned out to be obsolete. This made for a very long and stressful two months.

We are now at Christmas Eve and Princess Superhero is complaining of an earache.  She kept waking up crying.  So, I brought her down to the living room and we camped out.  About three in the morning I wake up to a child coughing in my face, snot running down hers, and her very obviously with a head cold.  Yep, two days later guess who else had a head cold?

Between Christmas Eve and last Friday everyone in our house has had some form of a head cold and/or the flu.  This forced our entire household to take downtime and rest.  Just as we were recovering from all the ick, I had to run to the hardware store.  My side mirror wasn’t sitting right so I hit the button to switch it … and it worked.  Wait a minute, that was one of the components that the non-working computer module controlled.

I live in a small town and was on side street.  This is a good thing because the moment I realized the seat would move, I pull over and adjust the seat so Freyrson can fit behind the wheel.  Yesterday was the first day I did not have to play chauffeur.  This first day of not having to go anywhere made me realize just how burnt out I was and how little time I had been getting for self care.

So I have spent the last day and a half focusing on me.  I realize just how depleted I am.  The timing for this is actually perfect.  I received my Shining Year Workbook on Thursday, so I have been spending time working with that.  Plus, the conversation I had about people wanting me to start doing readings again has been flitting around my mind.  So, I did two readings this morning for friends using the DragonFae Oracle.

Plus, I have begun my Whole30 detox program.  Their book It Starts With Food has a lot of excellent information and guidance.  For me, it helps if I understand the logic behind a program.  If it makes sense then I can get behind it.  The Whole30 program makes a lot of sense for those trying to battle some of the chronic conditions such as pain and inflammation.  Time will tell if I have as much success as others.

I have also been spending time in the water.  Epsom salt soak with Lavender, which I will make my own when this runs out, has been relaxing and will help pull toxins from my body.  As well as diffusing Joy in my aromatherapy diffuser, which helps combat the dry winter air while releasing all the benefits of aromatherapy.

It is a start to revamping priorities and making sure that my self care becomes and stays a priority.  What are your favorite forms of self care?  How do you make yourself a priority?