Detox prep & lifestyle changes

Life ebbs and flows very quickly for me. I contemplate major changes for  a long time before sharing either the resolution or the fact I need to make changes.  Several years ago, friends went paleo with very successful health changes.  I began to research this lifestyle and was drawn to the possible health adjustments.  For a variety of reasons I have not done this change to date.

The last several months have me revisiting this.  I am in massive pain. My fibromyalgia has taken a permenant turn for the worse. I am tired of living with this level of pain and I do not want to resort to drugs.  Every movement is agony.  I feel like there is a hot poker in every joint and each moment feels as though those joints are exploding.  This is the level of pain I am constantly in. So, when I finally break down and cry from the pain or curl up in my favorite chair and tell you I am having a bad day and really hurt … the pain is above what I have described. 

This has me revisiting my hoslistic practices and nutrition lifestyle.  As such I am going to do the whole30 detox and then go gluten free.  Hopefully, this will help.  After the detox, as I add dairy back in, I will know if my dairy sensativity has gotten worse and adjust accordingly.

Also, I am coming up with a morning routine. My days now begin at 3 a.m. Since, I have no idea how long these circumstances will remain in place I am adjusting my schedule.  After returning home, I placed a citrus blend of essential oils in the diffuser, am having a mug of hot water with lemon essential oil., and taking time to write.  It is helping me relax after the morning drive.  Shortly, I will do some yoga stretches … but first to get the bear cub.  I hear him beginning to yammer.




2 thoughts on “Detox prep & lifestyle changes

  1. Deb says:

    I’m sorry to hear you are hurting so much right now. GF seems to be helping me, though I am on meds too. The goal is diet & lifestyle changes that will stick so if and when I DO go off meds, my symptoms don’t come back. And I completely empathize with your description of that kind of pain. Sending you energies my friend ❤

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