A lazy day to soothe with oils

The kids seem to be fighting off a tummy bug.  Princess Superhero has not really had an appetite and been extra tired the last few days.  Bear cub puked on me as I was trying to get them out the door yesterday.  Today he woke up, drank half his bottle, handed it to me and puked.  So, we will be taking it easy today as tomorrow is going to be very busy.

Luckily, I got my order in from Young Living on Monday.  I was almost out of oils.  Currently, I have a blend of Thieves oil and Lemon Oil in the diffuser.  It is a lovely refreshing and clean scent. 

Yesterday, I had a sick migraine.  Putting PanAway on my neck, drinking some ningxia red, and one excedrin migraine took away my sick migraine and made it so I could eat and rest.  I am still tired, but as least I feel human.  This morning, I could feel it attempting to return.  I put more Panaway on the back of my neck and felt the tension and pull of the migraine melt away!  This is quickly becoming a favoeite.