Why blog?

Recently, I was asked why I blog.  For me, it isn’t about blogging but communicating and my chosen method of communication is writing.  In fact, I did not choose writing … writing chose me.  I am driven to write and have been for as long as I can remember.  If I do not write I feel as though the words are bottling up inside of me until I am so full that they explode from me.  The explosions are not pretty.

Writing has long brought me peace and a sense of who I am.  It is a way to make sense of the stories that are always running through my mind, the poetry attempting to express itself, and a release for the deep passion that I have for life and living.  Words are magic.  They can bring peace, beauty, love, and hope or pain, despair, and heartache.  The wonder of words to connect us to those in our life is an endless fascination for me.  The ability to momentarily touch another person’s heart and soul, that is the true beauty and magic of words.  That is why I write, to unlock my heart and soul and connect with those to whom my words sing.



Words are magic