Autumn Love & I am a leaf on the wind …

Autumn has long been my favorite time of year.   Slowing down from the busy year as camping and festival season draws to a close … things I did not get to do enough of this year!  Currently, the days are filled with vibrant colors, warm sun and cool nights.  The sun’s warmth on your body tempered by a cool breeze across the skin, wildflowers, my favorite boots, and so much more. This is the time of year that I long to be outdoors.

It has always been easier to slow down and take time for myself in Autumn.  I am not sure why, but it is.  Joy is easier to find, as is peace and serenity.  I was able to connect to some of that this morning as Princess Superhero and I cut wildflowers to put on the altars and dining table.  The joy continues as she and bear cub play with daddy’s old hat while giggling madly, as I write with meditation music playing in the background.

This season has long been a time of transformation and reflection.  Simple moments have a way of leaving a mark on us … whether the moment is good, bad, or indifferent.  Occasionally, we know what moments will leave us changed and other times we do not.  For me, this time of year has long been a time of personal reflection and transformation of those moments.  Recently, I had such a moment and I knew that it would leave me changed.  Changed how is my choice, as the runes have made perfectly clear.

As I have done my devotions this last week, I have repeatedly drawn the rune hagalaz.  I understand the moment that caused this to be in my life at this time, I also choose to keep the details of this moment private (and yes, everyone in our family if fine).  Now, I strive for the wisdom to transform this moment into one of positive growth, peace, honor, and change.  How?  I have no idea.  Perhaps, it is as simple as acknowledging the moment was significant.  I was raised to not react to life events.  Instead, I was taught to simply push through them and pretend everything is normal.  While there is some merit to this approach, after all it does allow one to function on a day to day basis, however the emotional and spiritual response to any transforming moment was ignored.

In the midst of this personal transition, I am working on a balance between the day to dayness of life while honoring my life event by striving for the wisdom to understand what I need from this experience, and remain connected to peace of spirit, the Kindred (Gods, Nature Spirits, and Ancestors), and myself.  I am also making an effort to not hermit while I digest what is needed, as was once my nature.

As I reread and edit this writing, a favorite movie line has popped into my mind … “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.”  (character Hoban Washburne, the movie Serenity)  This reminds me to remain organic and fluid in my life, and to allow the winds of transformation to wash over me and uplift my spirit to new heights.  A moment of clarity that has brought me great peace and insight.

Peace be with you.  Love & Autumn Blessings,


Autumn Goldenrod in Cauldron, offered to Frigga

Autumn Goldenrod in Cauldron, offered to Frigga