This evening I did the solitary ADF ritual to Nerthus. Ironically, I had forgotten that it was Fall Equinox until I was writing down my ritual reflections.

Baby Bear alternated crawling around my feet or standing and holding onto the side of the altar table watching everything. Princess Superhero gave me random kisses and hugs throughout the ritual when she wasn’t trying to catch the smoke from the incense. After ritual, both kids ran laps through the downstairs. Princess Superhero is still singing as loud as she can. I would say that they were pleased with ritual energies …. and I am grateful that I did NOT do this closer to their bedtime!

I feel peace and tranquility, even with the children running circles around me. Their chaos felt right. This ritual was something that I desperately needed to do. I haven’t felt anything like this before in ritual. The energies remind me of the first time I walked onto Wisteria campgrounds or the years I spent in the Adirondack mountains.

For years I have worked with the Greek perception of Earth Mother (Gaia). Today, I worked with Nerthus. She feels so much heavier, more intense, more solid. I understand her being called matron because you can feel the weight of her experience and love bearing down upon you. Even now, I still feel her watchful eye. I look forward to deepening this relationship.

Omens: hagalaz, jera, and wunjo. I choose to leave my interpretations and how they apply to my life as private reflections.

ADF Solitary Nerthus Ritual