Peace Begins With Me

Sister Coffee sent me a link to a series of YouTube videos by a meditation teacher, Gabrielle Bernstein. She does one on how to teach meditation to children, which I enjoyed and will share the link to.

I do miss teaching meditation, but I had also gotten very burned out teaching it. However, it was also at a time of my life where I was burnt out on everything. Doing everything the logical, organized, micro-managed, corporate fashion had completely burned me out. The person that a lot of people knew was cultivated to have a successful career in a financial environment. A lot of my personality lay dormant for a long time.

Each day, I am more comfortable in my skin. I am more myself. My true self lives from the heart and is organic. Freyrson loving calls me crunchy. The skills I learned in the business world are invaluable and did help me grow up. But we can grow up too much, and that is where I was for a long time.

Now, I have learned to breathe and feel the earth beneath my feet. This meditation video reminded me of what I once wanted to do with my meditation practice and what I may do. I have time to make the decisions about my future and whatever those plans are. For now, I am enjoying having fresh winds blow the dust from my soul and more deeply igniting the fires within.

Meditation for children.