Late Night Musings

The little ones are asleep and the house is quiet.  I’ve just finished an overdue project and emailed it off.  I have had several busy weeks.  The days seem to be slipping by faster and faster, yet I feel as though I am standing still in the center of a storm of activity.  No longer am I in a panic to accomplish all the things.  Quality time with loved ones is always pushing aside my to do list, as well as taking time for myself.

These lessons have been a long time coming.  However, life helps us achieve the perspective we need when we need it.  I have had a lot of little things happen the last few years to aide me in embracing this much needed lesson.  The one thing that is lacking is more quality time with those I do care for and those I wish to know better.  It is amazing how much time little ones take up, as well as cooking wholesome food.  I have some ideas on how to spend less time in the kitchen without sacrificing quality.  If they work out, I will definitely share.

Prayer, meditation, and mantras have been my guiding light the last few weeks.  I am determined to keep this new found sense of stillness.  so, I am being mindful to use these techniques throughout my day to stay grounded.  Each day gets easier.

Reading has been odd lately, I cannot seem to find a book that sucks me in.  Every once in a while this happens.  Eventually, I will find something that reels me in and keeps me until it is over.  Anyone have some suggestions?


One thought on “Late Night Musings

  1. Angela Vitale says:

    I rather like the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne (fantasy novels). If you haven’t read The Black Jewels books by Anne Bishop (dark fantasy) then you really should. They were good enough to get Tom hooked and it takes a great story for a book to pull him in! If you are looking for paranormal romance or fantasy novels, I’ve got loads more to recommend, but I know almost nothing about other books. Unless you want to talk about seriously wonderful kids books? I know lots of those too!

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