Land, Sea, and Sky (Day 40, plus catch up)

There is a place I know where Land, Sea, and Sky meet.  I found this place a long time ago and it is very sacred to me.  Each time I am there it is as if I am coming home.  The Fae greet me by the archway and love supports me through my journeys there and back again.  It is an amazing place.

Tonight, the light of the full moon gave everything a silvery glow.  Her reflection upon the water was brilliant.  Each living creature had their soul nourished by her loving gaze.  My magic was added to hers … and I am giddy with love, friendship, and sight.

The past is the past.  It does not define who I am, nor should it.  Life events are threads in our personal tapestry.  The colors forming a pattern that we often cannot see until years later.  However, once that particular experience is woven into our story that is where it remains.  As part of the story that made us the person we are today.  My past is my support into who I am today, but it does not define me.  The events that currently unfold and how I react to them define who I am at this moment.  Whether I have learned from my past and apply that wisdom when relevant may be a part of that, but that does not allow my past to define me.

I have made massive changes in my life.  These were choices that I made to come closer to what I want, need, and desire.  That is part of who I am.  I strive to make my current situation the best that it can be and when it isn’t, work to change that.  However, I do not believe that everything can be fixed.  I do believe in, and feel that, “the season, reason, or lifetime” viewpoint is accurate to life situations.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Not everything in our life needs to be permanent.  It isn’t logical or logistically possible for true personal growth if nothing ever transitions out of our life.

Accepting me means accepting that I change.  Sometimes it will feel as all I am doing is changing, other times it will seem a long time in the making.  I do not usually share when I am considering massive transitions.  Nor do I ask anyone in my life to take these changes personally.  If they affect you directly, you will know because I will say something to you. Where is this coming from?  I am perplexed at how I keep hearing that my choosing to end one phase of my life is something that individuals took personally.  Accept that there were reasons this needed to happen and, unless you have been told otherwise by me, that it is not something you should take personally.

I am happy.  I am at peace.  I have love. My life and spirit have changed.  To those who haven’t known me more than a decade, it must seem radical.  For those that have known me longer than a decade, it must seem as I am returning to myself after a long journey.  Different or the same, it really doesn’t matter. Each day, each moment we have a choice and a chance to be something better than we were the moment before.  I believe in embracing opportunity, because it may not come again.

Live a life from the heart.  Live a life of freedom.  Do not restrain yourself by the rules of engagement to fit into a niche of society that makes your body ache and heart wither.  Be true to yourself, Never lose your voice, Be awesome and Engaging, Bright and Beautiful.  Be yourself.  Know who that is through the trial and error of your decisions.  Have fun.  Live in love.  Respect others who choose to do the same.