Gratitude Challenge

I was tagged on Facebook for the 3 day gratitude challenge.

My family. They are the most amazing people that I have ever met. I have heard of the term unconditional love my entire life. I am beyond fortunate to be surrounded by people who live that way. There is a true spirit of acceptance in this family. Each of us is very much live and let live. We do our best not to judge anyone, but rather to accept them as they are. Individuals are the way they are because of their unique stories and experiences.

Sister Earth and My Out of State family. You have been my rock. You held me both physically and emotionally from the time this transition began to the current moment. Completely honest with each other through every step of the journey but also completely loyal and supportive. More unconditional love and friendship that fills my soul.

My body. She has weathered so many storms. Yet, through all the pain she is there. Helping me move with my clumsy grace. Sharing passion and love in all that I do. Celebrating the Goddess, honoring love, playing with children, and so much more. My body allows me to live my life.

My ability to Grow. I am grateful that I can grow and change. I am a better person for being able to do so.

The Kindred … The Gods, Nature Spirits, and Ancestors. All my life, I have known that there is something greater than me. Even when I was alone as a child, I believed in this. It gave me solace in a world that was not what it should be. My dearest heart sister, my childhood companion, my dearest friend, gave me a book by Scott Cunningham called Earth Power. I was 12 at the time and she walked up to me, saying “This is you, read it.” I did, and finally knew I wasn’t alone nor crazy. Others heard and saw as I did.

I am grateful for the moments. They are all that we have. Moments are what truly make our life.