Day 22

A relaxing morning watching the muppet show with Princess Superhero and Bear Cub.  My sassy mom called while bear cub napped on me.  It was a lovely chat.  PrincessSuperhero got to chat with her and was “showing” all her toys to meemaw.

Today is devotional to Freyja and Freyr.

Dearest Freyja
Many years you have guided my path
Igniting my passions
Fueling my creativity
Eliminating self doubt
Teaching courage
These words and offerings may be simple
The love, devotion, and passion is from all that I am
Your devoted daughter

I still do not have words for this relationship
I am grateful for the love, strength, humor, and passion you bring to my life
I look forward to deepening our relationship

Earth Mother
Magical mother of transformation
Creatrix and teacher
Each day I learn from you
I honor you and embrace your wisdom and love
With devotion and love