Days 16, 17, 18, and 19

The days slip by so quickly. I didn’t realize that it had been almost a week since I sat down to write. I have been keeping my practices of devotions, meditations, and time for myself. Where I need improvement is my yoga practice and writing.

I definitely feel my relationship with Frigga deepening as my understanding of a hearth. The more I understand my relationship with a hearth, the more I delve into and understand my nurturing nature, and deepen the relationship with myself.

Each time I grasp my mandala it makes me feel more centered and at peace. I do not need it to meditate, but I definitely take comfort in holding it. Also, the breathe meditation, specifically the alternate nostril, has been a huge help in falling back to sleep when the kids get up at night.

Princess Superhero has been showing an interest in the meditation. It is adorable to watch her do the deep breathes. She frequently asks me if I am sleeping because my eyes are closed. With her, it is more of laughing meditation – which is a wonderful thing.

Both Bear Cub and Princess Superhero have taught me a lot about living in the moment, something I have had a hard time with. From a young age it has been drilled into me to always look toward the future and what I can do to improve the current situation. While that is an important skill to have, it is just as important to live in the current moment. A philosophy I didn’t learn until I began to explore Eastern Philosophies.

The important moments of life are so fleeting. Oftentimes the happiest of memories are but a single moment … a first kiss, true eye contact, shared laughter, stories shared over a beverage … you get the idea. Speaking of which my coffee sister is coming over for a very long overdue chat and I am very much looking forward to this.