Day 6 of 100

The kids and I went for a walk to the library. Round trip is a mile, plus pushing a double stroller with two kids is a small workout. This is something that I want to start doing with more frequency. A daily walk would be good for all of us.

I finished the book Buddha Heart, Buddha Mind, and am still wrapping my thoughts together to write up a review. There was a lot of intense discussion to the Buddhist philosophy and it gives me a lot of thought on ideas for approaching life situations. I am spending more time observing both the daily situations of my life, as well as, the emotional reactions and responses that the situations invoke in me. This practice of mindfulness will go a long way to achieving a deeper level of personal clarity and insight.

There must have been something in the astrological alignments today. I have had some amazingly intense, honest, and personal conversations. The level of trust given to me was amazing. I am so very honored to have these people as my friends, as well as to have earned this level of trust.

As far as Earth Mother; aside from noticing the weeds in my yard and how warm the walk was, I do not feel as though I did her much honor today. I will see if I can do better tomorrow.

Today did not feel overly spiritual, but very honest with myself and those with whom I had deeper conversations. I have a lot of thoughts in my head that I am beginning to write down with the intent to revisit them and reflect upon them in greater detail.