Days 4 and 5 of 100 – Body, Mind, and Spirit

Day 4 fell on Sunday, which is the day I work a 12 hour shift outside of the home. So, before bed I managed to work on breathe meditation.

Day 5 was a day of running errands and playing with the kids. While running errands, I tried to be observant of Earth Mother. One of the things I noticed was a perfectly formed spider web around the license plate of the truck. After putting our stuff in the truck I brought the Princess Superhero around the back of the truck to see it.

I spent some time making posters for the kids. Using the glow in the dark stars and planets, I made something for above each of their beds. Now that evening has fallen, I am spending time reading the Dalai Lama’s thoughts on meditation. Shortly, I will begin work on the Earth Mother piece that is tickling around my brain. Then light some candles and incense, say some devotions to the Kindreds and meditate.