3 of 100 Days of Body, Mind, and Spirit

I was exhausted when I returned home last night, so the post is late but the work was done.  A lot of time, yesterday, was spent in play with the kids.  Then I spent time on my porch reading, Buddha Heart, Buddha Mind, while they napped.

After that it was off to my sister’s (sister earth) for the beginning of my year of Walking with Earth Mother.  Princess Super Hero loved talking about Earth Mother, as well as giving incense offerings … she loves dancing around the scented smoke while trying to catch it.  Bear cub sat on my lap giggling and trilling the whole time.  He smiled and cooed when I sang to Earth Mother.  Sister Earth and I shared our prayers and praise, as well as our hopes and dreams.  Then we had a fabulous meal together.

A wonderful way to begin this walk … with a heart full of love and joy.