Coffee, Spirit Song, and Buddhist Mala Beads

This is the first I have had time to myself in a very long while. There is silence and it is wonderful. Last night, Freyrson found my mala beads and it made my heart soar. I have been looking for them for weeks. Currently, they are wrapped around my wrist and I feel so peaceful. Once I put them on I was inspired to light some sandalwood incense and a candle to Odin.

The scent of the sandalwood incense took me back to when I was young and first began meditating in my dorm room. The scent of the sandalwood combined with the flicker of candle light and the warmth of a cup of coffee gave me a feeling of peace and connectedness that I had only ever felt when in the presence of the Goddess.

It is the same feeling that reminds me of the lake I vacationed as a child. I would sit on an outcropping of rocks and watch the sun reflect on the rippling water. Turning my head to the right was a small inlet overshadowed by pine trees and filled with water lilies. Looking out across the lake was a small island with a small tree, moss, rocks, and a single blueberry bush. If you were to ask me what the Earth Mother looks like this is the spot that comes to mind. Her scent is fresh air and her voice is the lapping of water against rock.

At this moment I am filled with all these sensations and the peace of all those moments combined. I am no stranger to urban and suburban living. As I continue my journey, I find that I long for the open spaces near water and mountain. Slowly, I continue to move further away from the city. I am also fortunate that I long ago found a sacred space that reaches out over the water and brings together land, sea, and sky.

Recently, Freyrson packed us up and took us for a picnic lunch there. It was a wonderful reminder that it had been far too long since I had been out there. Our daughter keeps asking to go back to the water and dragonflies. Plus, Isaura was working the day we went so we are due for the entire family to go back for a visit. Also, my heart sister and I are going to be doing monthly devotionals to Earth Mother and I had been thinking of going there for our upcoming ritual. So, I am drawn there in many ways, for many reasons.

Enjoying the solitude and listening to the spirit song I have been humming as I write.