Emerging from the Cave

It has been a long time since I have publicly written anything. My life has undergone so many radical changes that it was necessary for me to take time for introspection and frankly becoming a bit of a hermit for a time did help with that. I have cast off the shackles of expectations and begun to truly live from the heart. After all, taking the plunge to follow my heart is what set me on this path. I continue to live from the heart and follow where that takes me. Each day is a new adventure. Some days I learn new things about myself, other days I unearth forgotten bits of me.

As I began contemplating once again publicly writing I came back to this blog and just stared. I couldn’t make myself write. The title of the blog didn’t capture what I wanted, but it did confirm that my past had very segmented sections and many parts of my life did not touch other parts … No wonder I was always so exhausted! However, the question of what did I want this blog to reflect rattled around in my brain for the last few weeks. I have spent much time reflecting on the writing I have done my entire life and what it means to me, as well as the content that I have written about. In the end I want this to reflect me and the things I am passionate about.

Reliving what I have been passionate about brought me to a memory when I ran message boards on Ivillage and how I was called Mama ‘Ris almost from day one. I spent ten years being called that and it was some of the most fulfilling interactions I ever had. Now, I am at a point in my life where I have been hearing Mama ‘Ris again, for completely different reasons, and it brings me a sense of peace and togetherness. So, the magical mama it is because even in the mundane tasks of life there is always a touch of earth mother and magic. She is my inspiration and strength.

As such, I am on a few personal journeys to reconnect with myself in new and deeper ways. One of them is to spend a year with earth mother. Each day I am going to spend time with her and honoring her. Learning to listen on a deeper level and truly remain connected. My other journey is 100 days of Body, Mind, and Spirit; for this I am going to do 100 days of yoga, meditation, and daily devotionals. Part of this work will be to write about it, some of this will be public and other parts private. I choose to write because that is my art, my love, and my passion.



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  1. Angela Vitale says:

    I want to say congratulations, but I’m not sure it is right. It feels right to me, and I’m going with it – Congratulations on reconnecting with yourself!

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