Universal Life Expo 2013 – Event Recap

I want to thank everyone who stopped by the Crystal Cave.  We had an amazing time filled with laughter, love and learning.  After attending this event, I realized the name had been changed from Universal Light Expo to Universal Life Expo, I must say that I find the name change fitting for the transitions that expo must have undertaken this year.  The event coordinators and volunteers are amazing people and I am so grateful for all their hard work behind the scenes.

ULE 2013 found me in a unique position within my life.  This last year has been a time of major transformation within my life.  This left me spending much of 2013 focused on myself, my family, and the break in my familial and friend relationships.  I spent a lot of time on personal writing and reflection, as well as truly feeling my emotions and sitting with them to understand their source before moving forward.  Much time has been spent listening to my heart and learning to follow that inner voice.  This has been a tremendous period of learning, growth, healing, and reflection for me.  I am honored by the amazing people who have continued to offer their friendship and love during this transformation, as I have not been an easy person to be around.  I cannot thank each of you enough for your love, support and kicks in the ass when needed!

This love and support is what I found myself surrounded by as I worked ULE 2013.  Old friends found their way to me, new contacts were made on both a personal and professional level, and several encounters and conversations were had over the weekend with complete strangers that touched me deeply.  The transformation within my life continues and this was the perfect place to open myself to opportunities to assist with this transformation.  Over the years I have worked in traditional corporate America.  As with all professions, it colored how I saw the world, thought and acted.  All the lessons I have received has shaped many, many have been invaluable.  At each step of my holistic and metaphysical lifestyle dreams I was at war between my corporate mindset and the organic fluid mindset.  This has led to many starts and stops to my dreams.

This phase of my transformation has me focused on my heart’s desires to be self-employed, following a metaphysical, holistic, spiritual, creative life that is filled with family and children, friends, a home that I own and live in, land and homesteading.  A simple, peaceful life filled with love, laughter, prosperity, fertility, financial abundance and good health.  My approach to life has changed dramatically and this is reflected in all aspects of my life, including my healing work.  The dream I have had for the spirit center have had many names and variations over the years, but the core dream has always stayed the same, and now is the time I seriously move forward and manifest this dream.

I will be working at various locations around town (to be announced) and be found at expos other than ULE (to be announced).  With this, I thank all of you for your love and support.  I hope you keep in touch, mackenzieirisa@gmail.com.

Your holistic druid, pursing a life lived from the heart.