Universal Light Exp 2013 – The Crystal Cave Returns!

The Crystal Cave offers a variety of holistic services for the body, mind and spirit.

Many of you have enjoyed the energy guides, crystal healing, readings (tarot, oracle and crystal skull) and crystal skull healing over the last two years.  Our third year brings the addition of Synergetic Spirit Center.

Join us at Universal Light Expo for the following services:

Michelle of Lightworksvisions (Pittsburgh, PA) is the founder of The Crystal Cave.  She is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, an experienced group and individual meditation guide, intuitive crystal and crystal reader, Master Teacher/Practitioner of Magnified Healing and a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner.  She also conducts Past Life Regression and Inner Child Connection sessions.  Michelle has developed Crystal Casting Guidance Sessions using various stones, crystals and crystal skulls.  Her intuitive sessions often include messages from departed loved ones, as she was blessed with this ability opening to her more fully in the Spring of 2006.  Most recently, she has developed the Orion Grid Crystal Healing (TM) sessions and has been taught Shamanic techniques of healing utilizing Crystal Skulls.  Aside from leading a workshop, Michelle will be offering some of her services during Universal Light Expo.

Janet (Pittsburgh, PA) is an intuitive who works with the Goddess Oracle, Tarot and Crystal Skulls.  She is creator of Crystalology, the use of crystals to open and clear the energy centers of the hands and feet.  Janet also offers “cord cutting”, a technique performed to clear attachments from one’s energy field, known as the aura.

Irisa of Synergetic Spirit Center (Columbus, Oho) is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Creator of Golden Helix Reiki (TM), Run Valdr (formerly Rune Reiki) and experienced group and individual meditation guide.  She employs crystals and crystal skulls in holistic sessions to balance the body, mind and spirit.  These sessions are very relaxing and important in nurturing ourself and others.  This work includes aura clearing and balancing as well as chakra clearing and balancing.  Intuitive readings with crystals, crystal skulls and Soul Cards are available.  Irisa has also been trained in Shamanic techniques utilizing Crystal Skulls, her mentors are Michelle of Lightworkvisions an Sherry Whitfield, guardian of the ancient crystal skull Synergy.