The Journey of a Lifetime

I invite you to come in, curl up on the sofa, have a cup of coffee or tea and join me in the Journey of a lifetime.  This is the journey to Know Thyself.  Synergetic Spirit is a gathering place of wisdom, introspection, experience and living.  Our goal is to provide opportunity to Know Thyself as a Synthesis of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Do I hold a magical key of self-understanding and the universe around us?  No, I am simply a woman who has spent the last two decades of her life dedicated to the ideal of Know Thyself as a Synthesis of Body, Mind and Spirit.  In fact, I did not even realize that was the journey I was on until several years ago when I encountered the Delphic Maxim Know Thyself.  A phrase that impacted me so deeply that it is tattooed above my heart.  For if I do not know my heart’s desires, how can I know who I am?

What do I offer?  A haven for your personal journey.  A place for us to share collective wisdom of the ages, personal experiences and insights, love and laughter, tears and healing, peace, joy and love.

It is my sincerest hope that  you will join me on the journey to Know Thyself.

Irisa MacKenzie, Synergetic Spirit