Beautiful Gardner!
Vessel of the sun, moon and stars
light illuminates light
casting needed shadows for growth

Reverence of the cycles
turning of the moon
tides of power
tied to cycles of life

Gentle smiles caress my soul
wisdom reflected in my eyes
scented breezes caress my skin
enlivening the senses

Cycles of the heart
drive me toward your arms
heights of emotion carry on the air
releasing, refreshing, connecting

spinning magick under your light
reflected in the illumination of my spirit
the fire within shining as a star from the heavens

illuminated with wisdom from the heavens
I turn my attention to the garden before me
planting seeds of piety, visions of the realm between land, sea and sky

perseverance the key to this bountiful garden
Fertility comes to those who have the courage to walk the realms between
knowledge found in following the natural cycles and rhythms,
integrity guides my actions on whether to tend the garden or allow the garden to go fallow
Hospitality granted to those who heed the call of Ghosti

Gentle Gardener, I heed your call
By your example I tend the gardens of fellowship
branches reaching toward the heavens
roots deep into the earth
touching the sacred waters below

Here I stand
at my sacred center
illuminated by the sun and moon
nourished by the sacred waters below
tended by Teutates

Copyright 2012
Irisa MacKenzie