Revelation to the Night

I walk through the woods
magic of the evening infusing my being
behind me I leave sounds of fellowship
embracing the dark woods before me

each step I shed what is no longer needed
each piece of clothing dropped
revealing who I am to the night

the raven haired beauty with alabaster skin
lit from within by the magic of the soul
eyes the color of a brewing storm
lips parted in excitement at the passion of life

knee high leather boots cling like a second skin to my legs
silver knife hilts peeking over the top of the leather
thigh sheaths the only adornment above the knee

rune tooled leather straps adorn her waist and torso
home to the dane axe at her back
raven tooled bracers adorn her wrists

she steps into the clearing
the moon-lit garden of yggradsil before her

Hugin and Munin fly to her outstretched arms
snakes rise from the ground and entwine around her legs until they encircle her waist
a jaguar crosses the path, golden eyes meeting hers

Copyright 2012
Irisa MacKenzie