Among the Stones

I lay broken among the stones
your words piercing my skin as arrows to the heart
once your voice brought truth and beauty
now I know the illusion of your voice
and hear the lies behind your words

years i have stood by you
loving you, praying for you, waiting for you to find yourself
my heart whispered you were torn asunder and
the poison inside had seeped deep into your soul
ruining your essence
yet, i hoped

silent vigil to my pain
i waited in the wings,
withdrawing from those i love to
provide you the support you needed

your poison leaching into my soul
bringing forth self-doubt and discontent,
silently i kept my pain
as you took from me those i loved

silently i kept my pain as you took my moon and made it yours
taking with you more of my soul than I ever offered
leaving me lost in the twilight with no sun or moon to guide me

in the wings Freyja called
three years I ran, afraid to heed her call
afraid she was the poison in your soul

the august moon found me in my place of power
surrounded by friends and
buffeted by sisterhood renewed
I surrendered to Freyja’s call

Freyja supports me and surrounds me
now and always i feel her strength, her love, her guidance, and her truth

she removes the poison from my soul
the arrows have not pierced my heart,
only my skin and even then
just enough to release the remaining poison

i have cried my last tear for you
i have kept the last silence for you
i have kept the last distance for you

no longer am i your protector
no longer do your seeds of discontent and self-doubt poison my soul
i am stronger than you;
it is both why you wanted my love and rejected it

Freyja wipes the tears from my eyes and
i fully acknowledge the poison you carry in your soul
the trickery in your voice and the illusion you weave with your guitar

no more shall i succumb to your trickery and lies
no more shall i stand silent in the face of your deceit

i stand and live by the strength of the Valkyrie
sword and shield by my side
love in my heart, devotion my strength
by Freyja i am made whole

Copyright 2012
Irisa MacKenzie