Inner Spiral Connections

Inner Spiral Connections (ISC) was a dream that began in the mid-eighties and the foundation began to be dug in 1991.  Looking back … the first spiral’s began to form in college as I learned meditation and tarot.  I quickly began to teach basic meditation as I continued my own journey with meditation.  As it was college, I often bartered tarot reading’s for the basics such as laundry money or bus fare.  Therein I began to spin the spiral of spirituality, peace, magick and daily life … ingredients for my personal recipe of living a fully engaged, passionate life.

Each step in life was a step from childhood to womanhood, from ignorance to knowledge.  All actions forming into a cohesive spiral.  I was a sponge for information and experience.  Why wasn’t meditation taught to everyone?  It helped with stress, but the anxiety of working two jobs, college and mere survival took it’s toll on my physical body and migraines began.

Suddenly, the world of holistic medicine was discovered!  Why isn’t this more widely used?  No harmful side affects, no expensive medical bills … oh, economy!  So began the journey to holistic medicine.  The investigation of herbs, essential oils, aromatherapy, massage, and energy.  Such a fascinating world, and another layer of the foundation that began with meditation filled out until I was ready to build walls, windows and doors.

The more I studied and worked with all the holistic sources above, the more I found the keys to my spirituality and myself.  Everything spiraling together forming a wondrous connection in life.  As I write this reflective introduction more than two decades later everything fit together so easily.  However, as with most journey’s we often do not see how the pieces fit together at the time.

What began as a journey for my own peace, healing and spirituality turned into a holistic life.  I strive each day to live a balanced holistic life.  Along the way I have met wonderful people and through conversation shared experiences.  Sometimes in the form of simple conversation, other times in the form of workshops.  Each of us sharing of our inner self, growing and learning … together forming Inner Spiral Connections.

Come on in, help yourself to a steaming mug of coffee or tea and weave your own connections as we share lessons learned, lore found, timeless wisdom and the fellowship of living a holistic life.

Here’s to living a full, passionate life filled with honor and love.  Love of self, love of all living creatures.  Honoring the cycles of the seasons, the passing of day and night, and the cycles of your own life.


Irisa MacKenzie