Who is Hestia and why is her flame important?

Hestia is the Greek Goddess of the hearth, home and sacred flame.  She lives on Mt. Olympus and tends the sacrificial fire for the Gods.

In my personal work with Hestia, I have learned that we all have an inner flame of sacredness that needs to be tended.  This has led me to begin to incorporate the tending of the fire to my personal life, which eventually led to sharing this with those I guide in meditation.

Hestia’s sacred flame is not just found in the hearth fires of homes, it is found within our heart.  For hospitality and fellowship begin there.  If our heart is sad, we have no interest in fellowship and nothing to share.  Yet, if we tend our own inner fire we have more to give and share.

Meditation is a wonderful way for us to begin to tend our inner fire.  This is a place to share meditation techniques, as well as other spiritual healing methods, stories and inspiration.

May your inner flame always be lit