1st Oath of the ADF Dedicant (2008)

This is the first oath I took when I began my work as a Dedicant in Druidry via ADF.

I, Irisa, before this assembly, declare myself to be a pagan, a seeker of the old ways, a worshiper of the Elder Gods. With this holy oath I set foot upon my path, the Druid’s way, and I vow to make my dedication plain. I vow to seek virtue in my life, to do right by my kin, my friends, and my community. I vow to make my paganism real, by keeping the rites and works that call to me. I vow to deepen my understanding of the way through study to fill my mind with the truth of the Elder Paths. These things I swear to the Gods, with those gathered here as my witness.

So Be It!