Mantle of Love

When your body could not carry your voice,
I was your voice
I called to those you loved
I found those who could be found
I provided an opportunity to say what needed to be said

For more than a year and a day
I cared for those you cared for
I carried your voice inside me
My heart saw what your heart saw

I walked in your shoes the best I could
I love those you loved
I saw those as you saw them

The ones you loved most showed me
What you saw in them
It has been a great honor and a great responsibility

Your hearts desire is deeply wounded
I understand why you loved
And seeing the many flawed facets
I understand your deepest turmoil

Your heart sister became my heart sister
For that I am beyond blessed
Not only does she fill my soul
She expands my family with hers

I walked beside you in life
Held your hand at death’s gate
Carried your mantle forward
Healing and loving wherever possible

For more than a year and a day have I carried this mantle of love
Because I love, I must lay this mantle down
I will never stop loving you
I mourn the conversations left unfinished
I carry your love, our shared experiences, and our story forward

Today, my brother, I begin a new journey with love, honor, and memory


Written in 2008