The Dreamer

The dreamer found a bud frozen in the snows of time. Gently she cradled this bud in her hand. Raising the bud to her lips she spoke not above a whisper. Her words the magic of kindness, love, encouragement, and laughter. Her voice that of sister, friend, and wise woman.

Over time the bud grew and stirred. Blossoming into a vibrant woman.

The dreamer’s voice released the chains of anger and fear within the blossoming woman. She nurtured the love and wisdom until she was strong enough to leave the safety of her bud and blossom.

Now the blossoming woman and dreamer are spirit sisters. Together they grow, nurture, encourage and support. The share the language of art, music, creativity, and laughter. The tapestry they weave is filled with light and magic.

Dedicated to Jamie Stocker – Copyright 2007 Irisa MacKenzie