A Coven’s Call

Odin, master of hugin and munin
years ago you answered a coven’s call
by the fire we stood hoping for a glimpse of your majesty

One child had never heard of you
looming over her, you revealed in her fear
a warrior’s heart broke through her fear
and she stepped into your presence

the smile that was initially grotesque became beautiful
and from your eye the world was ablaze
time passed without her recollection

the ritual ended, she returned to the mortal world
changed in ways she could yet imagine
ravens haunting her dreams and guiding her steps

years passed and the ravens were never far
the sound of the corvus bringing joy to her heart and
the tinge of magic to her touch

many dreams came and went
often with her knocking on your door
so she may once again fly with hugin and munin
her favorite companions

years pass and she meets another raven
his mistress a celtic warrior
yet together their ravens take flight and
family is borne

too quickly their time passes and
he is called home to valhalla
but from him she learned the way of the viking
and they name her the lucky ravyn

Lost without him she relies on the night flights
on with those does she retain her sanity
for a year and a day, she cares for all those he left behind
her own world at a standstill

transformed upon the year and a day
she crosses the mist back to the land of the living
forever changed by his absence

old ways no longer comfort
new roads must be found
the paths are hard for she can no longer deny the path of the raven

magic abounds and with magic is self realization and self knowledge
the beauty of her soul shines forth, truth spilling from her lips
her words enflame the souls around her
the fires of illumination bring forth new kin and burn away the dross

around the fires of transformation she dances
under the moon and sun she sings
hugin and munin her guides

Copyright 2012
Irisa MacKenzie